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1. cost of beer *(about $2.10)
2. currency exchange *(cambodian riel)
2. What you will love? *( breathtaking & admirable areas.. to name)
3. What you will hate? *(checkpoints, red tape)
4. Must Do *(sip strong coffee or french wine in a cafe by the river)
5. Where to eat? *(restaurant beside your hotel)
6. Must Buy *(a roadside haircut)
7. Must Take *(US Dollar – best for large purchases)
8. When to go? *(Best time is between Nov-Feb (it rains least)

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45 Responses to “Cost of beer?”

  1. 1

    Cambodian Pan Cake, a must-try local food! It is pronounced as ‘Man Chau’.


  2. 2

    I didn’t drink beer. The currency exchange wasn’t an issue as I exchanged before I arrived in Cambodia. I loved seeing the temples, the people, and the everyday life in Siem Reap. The beggers outside each temple got annoying espcially those in Phenom Penh. Must sees are the temples, the prision in Phenom Penh, and the people and their everyday life routines. Also, check out the Old Market ( I felt was better than the Russian Market) and the new night market. Eat a treat from one of the roadside stands, eat with the locals and not in a resturant, and experience a “tuk-tuk” ride.

    Melissa Fleming

  3. 3

    Just returned from Siem Reap with our 3 teenage children. Had a fabulous time guided by Borin from Indochina Tours. Felt very safe. Beautiful resort owned and run by Cambodian people – Angkor Palace Resort and Spa. Magical pool. Fantastic spa / massage services. Menus a bit limited with a small selection of western and Khymer food. Staff absolutely lovely people. The temples, what can I say. A magical experience to see Angkor Wat rise out of the darkness at sunrise – DON’T MISS IT ! TonleSap cruise. Amazing to see how a whole village moves with the ebb and flow of the Mekong and the Lake that is so important to the fishing industry in Siem Reap. A few beggars aroung the temples but generally were ok with a “No” and a smile if we didn’t want to buy another lot of postcards
    :-) Absolutely amazing people and culture from a tragic history. Go and support them !!


  4. 4

    Just came back from a trip of Cambodia! It was a long time dream, which was finally realised.

    Cost of Beer- well I got all my beer at the Hotel (Sydney Angkor) at $1 or $1.50 and I was very happy. If you want to save a bit- you can hit the local supermarkets and get it at $0.70 or $0.80!

    Never ask for Exchange at the airport- they give you 3800 KHR for a dollar- the local rate is always 4000 KHR to the Dollar- I got change for $30 and learnt it the hard way!


  5. 5

    I have to recommend all the new little designer restaurants in the inbetween streets near pub street. They are hidden gems with great food and beautiful decor. There are also a few beautiful restaurants along the river near the old market that people rarely venture too…. Great experience!
    There is also a pool you can swim in for only $2 at AQUA. Friendly Western staff and good food too!


  6. 6

    Just returned from our 3rd trip to Cambodia. Same same but different. Angkor beer is still cheap along with all other spirits etc, Phnom Penh is as chaotic and enjoyable as ever, the road north to Steung Treng has improved greatly in 18 months and the 10 hour bus trip as ok. Go to the Khmer Kitchen in Phnom Penh for great Khmer cuisine with a wonderful ambience and if you are hanging for Pommy/Aussie food go to the Rising Sun restaurant next to the Bright Lotus Guesthouse. Both really good establishments.

    Just remember to open all your senses and take it in. You won’t regret it.

    Erica & Ian

  7. 7

    Try the Red Piano for excellent food.

    John Trenhaile

  8. 8

    We got a good deal at the Prince d’Angkor. Great hotel. The Ivy Bar and Blue Pumpkin are great for breakfast and just chillin’ out. Also spent a night at the Golden Banana Boutique Hotel near the Old Market. Funky place, great people, nice pool, good price, good food.


  9. 9

    Suffering badly from the heat (even in October), I stuck with water & Gatorade, no beer.

    Our favorite restaurant in Phnom Penh was the Kiwi Bakery. Sitting on the uptairs floor overlooking the Tonle Sap River and watching darkness fall, boat traffic on the river, vehicular traffic on the street below, the geckos racing all over the ceiling was an experience!

    In Siem Reap we just couldn’t seem to stay away from the Blue Pumpkin’s upper, air conditioned, floor. The fact that their food was really good didn’t hurt either! I really liked their banana-vanilla shakes (I usually had two per meal).

    Kurt Cook

  10. 10

    Two days, which we were in Siem Riap, we had supper in Red Piano. Very tasty food and excellent service.

    Turovets Andrey

  11. 11

    The restaurant and bar at Popular Guesthouse is just excellent!! Red Piano was great too.


  12. 12

    Don’t bother exchanging your US$ at all…there’s no need for Cambodian Riel. We found that everyone took US$, wanted US$, gave fair prices in US$. Exchanging our remaining riel back (even to thai baht) was very difficult, if not impossible.

    Overall we loved the entire Angkor and Siem Reap area! Don’t just visit the temples…take a boat tour through the floating village as well. The Artisans d’Angkor Silk factory (and shop) is also worth a visit if hand-made silk interests you..much nicer quality than in the markets if you’re looking for some special gifts and souvenirs. More expensive than the markets, but still very reasonable prices.


  13. 13

    Had a 4 day visit to siem Reap in Nov. The weather was hot but no rain. Enjoyed a jug of beer in Molly Malones for a very cheap price and 2 locals to visit with. We had a guide Muon Sophanna. He was the highlight of our trip. We were glad to have an A/C car and driver. We live in Colorado and it is quite a shock to experience 100% humidity. Experience it all if possible. We have traveled the world and Angkor Wat was the most unique of our travels. It is calling us back.

    Carol Fontana

  14. 14

    It’s our last night in Siem Reap and it’s difficult to leave. My husband planned this trip for my 40th birthday and this is both our first trip to Cambodia. We will definitely come back hopefully with the kids next time and tell all our friends and family how cool this trip has been – from the amazing temples to the friendliest of people. We recommend Raffles of course where we got top service, the Sokha helicopter tour (we had the clearest skies this morning – ask our pilot Ed:=), the Sawasdee restaurant where we had our best Thai food in 3 years! Last and definitely not the least, we recommend our driver Supheap (sp?) and our guide Sum Suphon.

    Tess McBean

  15. 15

    Just finishing up my first trip to Cambodia. When I told my sister I was going, her reply was, “What have you done to be made to take a trip to Cambodia?” What she doesn’t know is how interesting it is to be in s still-developing country. The temples are phenomenal, the people gentle and kind. I recommend Happy Smiles Tours. Sarou and Saran were the best guides and drivers you will ever meet. The trip on the Tonle Sap is a must-do. It is sad to know of the struggles of the very poor just to get an education but you appreciate how much they persevere. Take in one of the local traditional dance shows or get yourself invited to a local wedding.

    Belinda Pugh

  16. 16

    Its a nice tripe for 4days. Three days i visited temples and one day to walk around the city.Meal at Curry Walla is excelent.

    Belinda Pugh

  17. 17

    If you are travelling from the US, don’t exchange money and bring LOTS of small bills, $1′s, $5′s and $10′s. Everyone takes US$. Call your bank to ensure if and where your ATM card can be used while there. Carry the rest in travellers checks or just use the ATMs. Only hotels and larger restaurants take credit cards, so don’t rely on them. The massages are VERY different than in the states, if you are shy, don’t go. “Blue 7″ and “U & Me” spas were our favorites. Stick with beer or wine, as the drinks (eg;screwdriver) may not taste like you expect. Things you should do: tour the temples, boat ride Tonle Sap, ride in a tuk-tuk, take a helicopter tour. Get a guide for the temples and Tonle Sap. The best restaurant we ate at was “Tell”. “Red Piano” and “Le Grand Cafe” are very good too. We stayed at Somedavi Angor Hotel and were very happy with them. Great location, great breakfast buffet. Only downside; workout room still being built. Visit all 4 markets. Have clothes made at “new” market. Bring your favorite piece from home and they can duplicate it. The others are great for souveniers, all same same, but different. Don’t forget to pack bug spray, 40% deet or higher and sunscreen.

    Kim McClaugherty

  18. 18

    Rent a bike in Siem Reap for $3dy (give or take a dollar)and explore the dirt side roads of the temples that the rest of the “bus crowd” can’t get to!

    L. Lee

  19. 19

    For travelers who intend to spend a day visit and to cover most of the major temples, you might want to consider using our suggested itineraries of Angkor Archaeological Park. The itineraries are classified into two types ?cycling and tuk-tuk tours, as illustrated in the map, which are cheaper options comparing to car taxi or bus tour.

    Download your route now!


  20. 20

    We have just returned from 2 and a half weeks of travelling around Cambodia. We visited Siem Reap, Battambang, Phnom Penh, Kampot and Sihanoukville and we had a brilliant time.

    Our favourite place by far was Siem Reap. A beautiful town, with lovely people, great food and of course the beautiful and majestic temples of Angkor. We spent five days here and it still wasn’t enough!

    Our least favourite place was Sihanoukville – sorry! Think a smaller but equally irritating place such as Pattaya or Koh Samui, if that’s your scene then go you’ll love it, otherwise spend some more time in Siem Reap and splurge and spend some extra money on a place with a pool.

    I can recommend Viroth’s Hotel – it is absolutely beautiful and in a fantastic spot just two minutes walk from everything but in a really quiet side street. The staff are really friendly and helpful, the rooms are georgeous and they have a brilliant pool!!!

    Also eat at the Viroth’s restaurant which is just around the corner from the hotel, for a magnificent meal.


  21. 21

    2. What you will love? *( breathtaking & admirable areas.. to name)
    The ruins of Angkor, the paddy fields outside Siem Reap, Tonle Sap lake, floating forests of Kampong Phuluk.

    3. What you will hate?
    Tonnes of kids pouncing on you as soon as you enter a temple and will not let go of you till you buy something from them.

    Immigration checking is slow. You need to pay “departure tax” even cambodians.

    Angkor Ruins entry fee is a hefty USD40 for 3 day pass – of which only 10% goes to their maintenance.

    4. Must Do
    Eat the Cambodian snacks and taste the Khemer food. Delicious!

    5. Where to eat?
    Khemer Kitchen, Viva (the only mexican in town!), Ecstatic Pizza

    6. Must Buy
    Some of the buddha heads – bargain hard (start at less than 1/2 the price and settle for 1/2).

    8. When to go? *(Best time is between Nov-Feb (it rains least)
    Nov end or whenever there is water festival, you can catch the boat races on Siem Reap river and catch the monks chanting at Angkor Wat to welcome the full moon.


  22. 22



    1.ビール?値段 (約2.1ドル?br /> 2.?地通貨 (カンボジア リエル)
    3.好?????? (例を挙?る???を?むよ??絶景??大?建築物??)


  23. 23

    Just came back from Cambodia November 23, 2007. It was a fabulous trip. I traveled solo – no friends, no tour group – and it was very easy to get around Siem Reap. I never felt uneasy traveling solo. Stayed at Angkoriana Hotel and the staff there were very helpful and nice. Have to see Angkor Wat at sunrise. I took some really nice pics of that – beautiful and eerie at the same time. Also, get sunset photos from Bakheng Mountain. Must have NON-RIPPED or TORN U.S. dollars since Khmers will not accept it. I didn’t know this until after I got there. I had a slightly torn $100.00 & $10.00 bills and neither were accepted. One more thing, must see Banteay Srei and Kulen Mountain. BEAUTIFUL!


  24. 24

    Royal Indian Cuisine
    The best Indian restaurant in town most favorite haunt of both expiates & tourist curry lovers, due to its Fresh, Hygienic & Authentic preparation with excellent taste vegetarian & non vegetarian over 260 fresh Royal Indian dishes with traditional taste. Authentic spices used, very reasonable price. The one & only Authentic HALAL food in town. Continue to receive great reviews from customers,
    Next to Pub Street between CAB bank and Provincial hospital, Old Market Area. Siem Reap Cambodia Tel: +855 63 966221

    Maharajah Royal Indian Cuisine

  25. 25

    My husband enjoyed Angkor beer. Our favorite restaurant was the Red Piano. The markets were very neat and clean and changing currency isn’t a problem if you’re coming from the U.S. because they all deal in USD and even the atm machines dispense USD. Only had 3 days there, wish we had a few more. Loved it.


  26. 26

    I have travelled to many wondrous places on this planet and tell everyone that Cambodia is amazing. The people are beautiful even though they have suffered so much. I would tell everyone to take a local guide (as I did) who will share their experiences of the Terrible Times. The sombre feeling of S21 and my guide’s emotions telling me of her time brought us very close together and we cried as I listened to her stories. Siem Reap and the temples are magnificent and I would recommend the Day Inn as a good base. I did not eat at the hotel but can recommend Cafe Indochine, FCC for a beer, The Sugar Palm, Khmer Kitchen. Next time I will take a couple of nights at the Cafe de la Paix hotel – absolutely beautiful. I will give something back to Cambodia by donating money to the childrens’ hospital. Thank you for a truly memorable vacation.


  27. 27

    Am at Siem Reap at the moment, and have met a wonderful Tuk-Tuk driver.
    His english is very good, studied Angkor Wat history, and English at University.
    Mr. Songhy is very cooperative, friendly and helpful, and can assist in planning your trip toSiem Reap and all the tamples around.
    You can reach Mr. Songhy via his mobile: +855-12709053 from overseas, or local call or SMS (012706053).

    Also you can book a trip in advance via email:
    Soon to be launched – informative website/blog.

    Enjoy your trip


  28. 28

    Try Cafe Malaya at St 118, Phnom Penh. $3.50 for a malay buffet. Food was great

    James Majush

  29. 29

    Just returned from Siem Reap. The whole experience was wonderful and left me speechless . . . people who have nothing, have more than people who have it all . . .a smile. Such a special country, it was an honor to be there. We stayed at the Hotel de la Paix, wonderful in every way, just hard to reconcile such luxury after a floating village tour . . just our thoughts. The Ta Phrom temple is a must . . the Red Piano, a must . . the floating village tour a must . . . connecting with a tuk tuk driver . . a must, not so much for the transportation, more for the beautiful frienship you will make. I loved every single thing about this trip. Have traveled the world but left Cambodia with an impression that will last a life time. Go . . and go now before everyone else discovers this wonder!!!!


  30. 30

    Knowing that we really wouldn’t retain much of the information we’d hear, we hired just a driver and bought a good guidebook. That worked quite well for us, but I’d probably recommend getting a knowledgeable guide to lead just through Angkor Wat, tell the stories, and point out particular characters and events. I wish I’d taken more time to just absorb the atmosphere at Ta Som, Neak Pean, and Preah Khan, all somewhat removed sites closely enclosed by jungle. Our driver was Sun Same (“Sam”) who can be reached at He uses an air conditioned car and is an excellent driver. He can suggest itineraries but is flexible. He’s informative but like other drivers can’t enter the temples and interpret. He arrived when he said he would and was very pleasant to be with throughout the 4 days.

    John Croes

  31. 31

    I just left Bangkok, so Cambodia was a revelation. So beautiful, serene, clean. So much English! My first night I had dinner at Deadfish, simply not to be missed…fascinating interior, multilevel, crocodile, traditional seating, music, dance..great food.


  32. 32

    The Raffles breakfast is awful, powdered coffee, grease and old rolls…even the yogurt had curdled. Hired a guide and driver, said I need breakfast, don’t understand…go to the silk farm, very slowly, the guide only knows what he’s supposed to say..has no idea about the costs etc of living by Road 6, doesn’t do tour..the driver nearly runs into the side of a truck on the way back. We charge you only $30 for the experience.

    This is the same man who when I said breakfast was unedible, says Thank You, and does not understand that I refuse my other breakfasts and the dinner that is included. Thank you and ‘Yes, we not hold newspaper”


  33. 33

    wow one of the best place i ever visit, nice and frendly people,i had nice khmer food from Angkor famous restaurnt hard to find vegetarin but there is few indian restaurnt i tried few but best inian food i had LITTLE INDIA restaurnt. at night bar street is ok but little costly than around the old market. i really want to go back to there with my family soon
    new delhi


  34. 34

    one of the best restaurnt to bee, dont worry about ur money u can have unforgetabal taste indian food with frendly service.
    dont miss it, when u visit to amazing ANGKOR WAT TEMPLE


  35. 35

    After the mayhem of Vietnam, crossing over to Cambodia was a piece of cake. I never had a bad meal, the whole time I was there. Some of the best places I eat at included Khmer Kitchen in Phnom Penh, truly great local cooking. In Siem Reap the Deadfish restaurant and the Butterfly farm both have great atmosphere and if you’re not feeling too adventures there’s lots of Western dishes on the menu as well as very good local food. Open your self up and let your self go as I’m sure Cambodia will welcome you as it did me.


  36. 36

    Hello, I’m just coming back from Siem Reap.
    It’s very easy to find a guide in Siem Reap. Many moto or tuktuk drivers know the history of Angkor. They are very freindly and helpful. They drive carefully. You can visit with them the great must see (Angkor wat, Ta Prohm, Tonle Sap, …). They accept to wait of you when you visit (even 2-3 hours if necessary). They can suggest you (but never insit if you say no) places to visit and where to eat. For eating you will find a lot of places in pub street and near to. In the hotels, meals are IMO to expensive for what they bring. I didn’t drink beer but liters of water. 1$ for 2 300ml bottles in the street and only 0.60$ for a 1.5l in Angkor Market (a small supermarket in Sivatha avenue). Drinks are just expensiver then in Thailand.

    Benoit Schmitt

  37. 37

    I stayed on the 8Rooms guesthouse, in Siam Reap, 5 minutes from the old market area without the noise of that crowded area. Very nice and simple place and a pleasant atmosphere were my way to get a rest during my 4-days holiday.
    If you like to know something about the local arts and handicrafts, a large and nice workshop is just behind the corner. Sure something to see.


  38. 38

    One of the best cocktail bar in Asia : Linga Bar in Siem Reap
    Sure it’s mostly frequented by gaymen but cocktails are really fabulous with huge choice!


  39. 39

    啤酒?是很喜欢当地?因为我自己比较喜欢清淡味?的啤酒,?喜欢有特别味?的……必须?去FCC,一定?去的,在二楼无论?在哪边都是?一样的风景,?以看到TONLESAP和MEKONG的交?很感动的!推??去SIEMREAP的Maharajah??度??那里的大哥还会说?利的日语.一定?去水上市场??和泰国的感觉完全?一??常自然?值得一?推???RAFFLES HOTEL LA ROYAL的海鲜自?感?COMDODIA的高级生活和饮食!至于???有美金现钞到哪里都没问题.


  40. 40

    Absolutely loved Siem Reap, our hotel, Ancient Angkor Guesthouse was comfortable and very helpful. Connected with a great Tuk Tuk driver, happy, honest, smiling, helpful and punctual, he had great English and can be contacted
    Temples were amazing but I can’t understand why you have to visit them on three consecutive days rather than being able to spresd visits out over your stay. My partner became ill on second day so didn’t get to see much of the temples. Food in Siem Reap was great at just about every place we ate. Best holiday yet!!


  41. 41

    Siem Reap has many good places to eat, all of which seem to be reasonably priced. A favorite of ours was the Butterfly Restaurant. Great food in a lovely garden setting with butterflies flitting about. After dinner, go for a foot massage in town. It’s inexpensive and you’ll leave feeling incredibly relaxed. And with all the tuk tuks about, you’ll never have a problem getting around, inexpensively.

    Michael Faison

  42. 42

    I highly recommend the Viroth restaurant (Wat Boa area) and also the AHA restaurant in the Hotel Be (enrty off old passage or from Old Market side).

    Linga Bar for a few drinks and funky cool music (Buhda Bar etc) very nice atmosphere.

    Recommend the Hotel D La Paix


  43. 43

    Siem Reap – Viroth’s Restaurant was fantastic – great Khmer food and good wine. Deadfish restaurant had a intriguing and interesting design but unfortunately it was let down by its service which was shocking and the food (Khmer) was average.
    Phonm Penh – notice the positive comment above so maybe we were just unlucky but our visit to the Sugar Palm restaurant was an awful experience – bad food coupled with shockingly poor service.
    As for hotels I had to check out of the Holiday Villa Hotel & Suites and find a new hotel (at considerable expense) because it was disgusting. Filthy bedding, run down rooms, towels that I would not dry my dog with -this is a Malaysian hotel chain that needs a wake up call. They think (advertise) they are running a 4-star operation; they need to think again.
    Malis Restaurant was excellent – good Khmer food
    We ended up staying in the Amanjaya hotel which is in a great location and has gorgeous rooms. Restaurant is well presented but service is very poor (slow and unfriendly) for a high class establishment.

    Gareth Joseph

  44. 44

    If you are looking for budget accomodation, I recommend ei8ht rooms, which is very close to old town and pub street. For a slightly upscale hotel, Shinta Mani is a great place to stay. Try the food at the Shinta Mani restaurant, the Amok set menu (with degustation of 5 amoks) at the Amok restaurant behind pub street, and cocktail mohitos at the Linga bar. I recommend Hon Heang, my Tuk Tuk driver who has a good grasp of english. He can be reached at


  45. 45

    I have just returned from Cambodia & I am planning to visit again next year! I had an incredible time. The people are friendly & helpful, the food was great & of course the temples were amazing! I stayed at the FCC, which was really nice – (comfortable & clean) with a beautiful pool & very helpful staff. I ate many dinners at Khmer Kitchen (great food at great prices). It’s a very easy country to visit, 3 different currencies are accepted wherever you go, there are well stocked pharmacies & the local people are really nice & most speak very good english.

    Rhonda Summer

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