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More than 55,000 travelers have chosen Cambodia e-Visa

Cambodia e-Visa has the aim to serve travelers from around the world in their own languages since its first launched. The idea was well accepted by the Cambodia travelers, and many of them have volunteered to participate in the e-Visa website translation. Currently, Cambodia e-Visa website allows travelers to apply their Cambodia visa online in 25 languages.

Dr. Kim Dong Joo from Korea is one among the e-Visa friends who help us with the translation. Dr. Kim who turns 54 this year is a dentist in Korea. Besides, he’s also an active traveler who traveled to more than 70 countries in the past twenty years. He used to share his travel experience with other Korean travelers through some travel articles in local newspaper and travel magazines. The famous Korean traveler was also invited by Living TV and KBS Radio for an interview on his travel experience.

Cambodia is definitely one of the most favourite country for Dr. Kim. He has returned to Cambodia twice since his first visit. When we request him to help us with the website translation, he is so excited and agree to help without a second thought. After the translation project is done, he volunteered to setup a Korean blog for Cambodia e-Visa which said to be helpful for other Korean travelers.

Visit Korean Cambodia e-Visa blog

Hear what Dr. Kim and other volunteers say about Cambodia e-Visa

Dr. Kim Dong Joo

Dr. Kim Dong Joo

Dr. Kim Dong Joo interview with Living TV
Korea Living TV interview with Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim Dong Joo interview with KBS Radio
KBS Radio interview with Dr. Kim

Dr. Kim Dong Joo
Dr. Kim at Nakuru, Kenya

3 Responses to “e-Visa Friend from Korea”

  1. 1

    Last year, I visit cambodia
    with my brother. I remember that we feel little uncomfortable in airport,
    cuz we need to wait long line
    to revieve visa. This program must be good thing for all the travler who interet in cambodia.So do korean.

    Woo Seok

  2. 2

    Dr. Kim, you are our celebrity :)


  3. 3

    Thank you very much, dear e-Visa team of MOFA. Also I am honored to be introduced here.

    Dr.Kim D.J.

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