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Taiwanese Tourists

In Korea, office workers’ biggest vacation would be the annual summer vacation on July or August whilst their students have two vacations, one is from July to August, and the other is from January to February.

For Japanese, they have the Golden Week in Japan which occurs mainly from April 29th to May 5th. Also, many Japanese goes on a trip during the month of August and the New Year’s Holiday (usually from December 28th to January 5th). Their students however have a month of vacation during March of every year.

Poland’s traveling season is from the month of June to September. Even though these few months are the time for Polish to travel, Europeans especially Polish are very particular on when to travel to Cambodia and other South East Asian Countries. One of the factor that comes into consideration is the climate and weather (wet/dry season). Therefore, the best travel season for Europeans would be the dry season that is, from November to February.

Spanish people have their holidays during the month of August as well as July and September. Other than that, some travel over the Christmas Period that is, from December 22nd to January 7th.

For the Irish people, traveling season is an all year round affair and most of the time, family holidays take place during the month of July and August. Traditionally for the month of June, July and August; which coincides with the school holidays and as such there’s a growing trend over the past 5 or 6 years that Christmas should be spent abroad.

Swedish traveling period usually occurs from around November to March as most of the charter companies only travel to Southeast Asia during these few months. Also, there are no direct flights to Cambodia as of now and most of the major airlines operate flights to Cambodia through transit lines at places like Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Although, there are unconfirmed information that one or two charter companies are going to operate their own flights this coming winter.

There are quite a number of traveling season for the Aussies. For example, school holidays begins during the southern hemisphere’s summer season and that’s between December and January. This is the time where most families tend to travel especially during the Christmas period. Other than that, there are small little holidays of around two to three weeks during mid or late April (Easter Holidays), June as well as September.

Holidays in Spain usually occurs between July and September and most of them travel during the month of August. Some Spanish travels during winter because the plane tickets are cheaper but most of them travel during summer.

United States of America
A lot of Americans travel during the ‘Summer Months’ and thats between June, July and August. Other than this, Americans tend to travel during the month of December as many offices are closed for religious observances.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong’s travel season are usually during the school holidays which starts from July 13th and ends in the month of August.

New Zealand
New Zealanders loves taking traveling break at the end of the year and that’s December. Some though, wouldn’t mind taking their break during winter in June and July although, that’s a shorter holiday as compared to December.

Slovenia has a big National Holiday from 25th December to 3rd January and 27th April to 3rd May. Most of the people travel during these National Holidays. Also, during the summer vacation that is, from June to September; Slovenians usually visit some Mediterranean countries in Europe. During the winter vacation that is, from November to February; Slovenians will try to escape the very cold winter season and opt for a warmer climate in places like Cambodia as well as other Southeast Asian countries.

Families usually travel from July to August because of the school holidays. Other than that, schools are closed during Christmas for two weeks. In February, it is very cold (almost -10°C) and most French would love to escape this cold period and thus travel to tropical places like Cambodia or other Southeast Asian countries.

Austria generally has 2 big holidays occurring during the summer holidays (first week of July till second week of September) and winter holidays (around 20th December till 7th January). There are holidays for students in universities across the country during February as well. Also, Easter holidays occurs for roughly one to two weeks between late March and late April.

India has a few unique and special holiday seasons. One of them is the Puja holidays for the residents of Calcutta (closest Indian city to travel to Cambodia) which occurs in September. Another one would be Diwali for all Indians and it happens from late October to early November. Indians also have holidays during Christmas, which happens from 15th December to 9th January, as well as summer, which happens from 20th March to 1st June. Many families travel during the month of April, May and June due to the long summer vacation where school’s are closed. Short overseas are also undertaken especially by newly weds and this of course occurs throughout the whole year except for July, November and December.

South Africa
For South Africa, Autumn vacation begins from the last week of March and lasts for up to three weeks. Winter break though begins from mid-June and lasts for one month. For Spring break, it occurs from mid-September till the 1st week of October and last but not least the main travel season is during the Summer break which begins from mid-December till the beginning of January and this covers the Christmas and New Year period.

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