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  • Amanjaya Pancam Hotel
  • Angkor International Hotel
  • Anise Hotel & Restaurant
  • Asia Palace Hotel
  • Boddhi Tree
  • Boddhi Tree Aram Boutique Hotel
  • Bogie & Bacall
  • Bougainvillier Hotel
  • Bright Lotus GuestHouse
  • Burly GuestHouse
  • Café Freedom and Lodge
  • California 2 GuestHouse
  • Cambodiana Hotel
  • Capitol GuestHouse
  • Dara Reang Sey Hotel
  • FCC Hotel
  • Flamingos Hotel
  • Golden Gate Hotel
  • Goldiana Hotel
  • Grand View GuestHouse
  • Himawari Hotel
  • Holiday International Hotel
  • Holiday Villa Hotel
  • Hope and Anchor Hotel
  • Imperial Garden Villa & Hotel
  • Indochine 2 Hotel
  • Indochine Hotel
  • InterContinental Hotel & Resort
  • Juliana Hotel
  • La Parranda Hotel
  • Last Home GuestHouse
  • L’Auberge des Jardins d’Orient
  • Le Deauville V
  • Le Lyon D’Or
  • L’Imprevu
  • Lucky Ro Hotel
  • Nan Jing Hotel
  • Nay Nay Star GuestHouse
  • Nice GuestHouse
  • Nordic House
  • Number 9 Sister GuestHouse
  • Pacific Hotel
  • Paragon Hotel
  • Paris Hotel
  • Phnom Penh Hotel
  • River Star Hotel & Tour
  • Rory’s Pub and GuestHouse
  • Scandinavia Hotel
  • Sky Park GuestHouse
  • Spring GuestHouse
  • Sunway Hotel
  • Tai Ming Plaza Hotel
  • Top Banana GuestHouse
  • VIP GuestHouse
  • Walkabout Hotel
  • Wolly Rhino GuestHouse

14 Responses to “Recommended Accommodation in Phnom Penh”

  1. 1

    Rorys Pub and guesthouse is a cozy guesthouse located on street 178 facing the national museum and Royal palace. Rooms range from $11 to $30, from a small single to a large double with balcony.

    Rory’s Pub and GuestHouse

  2. 2

    I stayed in a nice boutique hotel in Siem Reap called Viroth hotel.
    It is a must!!!!!!!
    Regarding Phnom Penh have no recomendation at all….all desappointment!


  3. 3

    I stayed at Town View and thought it was pretty good. Clean rooms, with OK TV, and decent bathroom. Helpful staff too. Mid range price


  4. 4

    We stayed at the Angkor hotel based on the suggestion of the Tuk Tuk driver. It wasn’t bad for $12 a night but possibly a bit more than we wanted to spend. We had also wanted to stay by the lake which seemed nice though a bit rough for the unseasoned.


  5. 5

    I stayed att Claremont hotel and i am very pleased with the hotel.

    Bertil Samuelsson

  6. 6

    Actually I did not use my e-Visa because when I arrive, I have to pay two Visa on Arrival for me and my friend. This thing happened since the system of e-Visa is not connected with Immigration System in the airport. So I lost $ 50 at that moment.

    Tarto Sugiarto

  7. 7

    Highly impressed with e-visa issue.
    Intercontinental Phnom Penh v. impersonal and away from the centre of activity. Virtually deserted on Saturday in mid-January

    Chris Popple

  8. 8

    The Cambodian visa process should be copied by every country in the world, every country that is that insists on a visa.
    The Hotel de la Paix is not on your list. It was reviewed quite wonderfully in the NYTimes about a year ago. It is stunningly beautiful. It is the only luxury hotel downtown. You can easily walk to the markets from there. T


  9. 9

    Number 9 Sister GuestHouse.
    Stayed here for 2 nights. Fan in the room didn’t work. The door to the bathroom was broken. The water stayed on the bathroom floor after a shower, pretty wet. Room was not very clean. Found a dead bug the last morning I woke up.
    Stayed in (double) room nr 6 and paid 5dollars a night.
    Comfy beds :)


  10. 10

    Dear sir/madam:
    I am disappointed that i couldn’t find a place (Frangipani Villa – where i stayed last time so that i could provide some reviews or comments for other travellers.

    Please kindly accept my request to post Frangipani Villa.

    Best regards,
    Eric Gramham


  11. 11

    I stayed at Top Banana during my time in Cambodia last summer and was impressed. Basic, but friendly staff and a good mix of tourists and Westerners involved with NGO’s.

    Also, on the e-Visa side, it’s superb. It’s easy for Westerners to have misplaced assumptions about entering some Asian countries, but within 20 minutes of landing at Phnom Penh I was walking out of the airport. I pitied all the travellers joining the far larger queue for people without visas already!

    As an aside, no trip to Cambodia is complete without a trip to Ratanakiri. Absolutely awesome.

    Ed Skinner

  12. 12

    best place to stay is the ” nay nay star bar..good value, prices from 7 to 30 dollars..air con, and well run, definitley reccomend…ps forgot to mention the eye candy…

    damo fox

  13. 13

    The hotel is satisfactory. However, I was extorted $500USD in the lobby of the hotel by the local mafia that had congregated on the footpath outside. The circumstances behind this incident are long, but I was doubly distressed that the hotel manager was completely disinterested in ensuring the safety of a guest.

    When I informed the hotel manager of the incident I was bluntly told, “it’s not our problem”. I explained to him that it occurred in the hotel lobby, and that the thugs were just outside, he said, “they’re outside the hotel, it’s not our problem”. This is ironic given that they have tables and seats out on the very same street corner!

    When I told him that if he didn’t call security or the police, I’d contact travel guides e.g. Travelfish, of my experience he told me to “do what you like”.

    So, here I am, fulfilling my promise of telling you about my experience: ANGKOR INTERNATIONAL HOTEL HAS NO INTEREST IN ENSURING THE SAFETY OF THEIR GUESTS FROM VIOLENT CRIMINALS, and you would do well to find another, safer hotel. I survived this incident and simply lost money — next time somebody might get injured or worse.


  14. 14

    Burly Guesthouse.
    Address: #70, Street 111, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    We stayed at this hotel a few years ago and found it to be a wonderful experience. The staff did everything that was necessary for us to have a great stay.
    The price was right . The place was neat and clean and the service outstanding.
    I hope to go back there this November.

    Kevin Cunniff

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