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Cambodian Association & Organization

Cambodian AIT Student Association (CASA) – Historically, CASA was established in 1994 during which Cambodian students were again admitted to pursue a graduate study at AIT under donor supports following more than ten years of absence from the institute mainly due to chronic civil war and international isolation.

Given that circumstance, the primary objective of CASA is to gather and exchange knowledge and experience, provide and mobilize mutual assistance and emergency both financially and technically among the members, enhance cultural affair and provide an opportunity for Cambodian students being at the institute not only to interact with each other, but also with diverse students from different countries.

Cambodian Association Auckland – The Cambodian Association (Auckland) Inc. is created to provide the community with impartial information related to social, economy technology and politic. By providing related information, it does not implied that Cambodian Association website or its staffs are affiliated or connected with any political parties, organizations or with any commercial institutions.

Khmer Youth Association – Khmer Youth Association (KYA) is a humanitarian, non-political party, non-governmental and non-partisan organization working in the area of human resources development, gender, human rights, environment, and democratic development.

KYA was set up because we realized that young people are main factors and important elements in the national and international development and peace. Youth participation is a special mechanism to build a democratic society. Through national and international interest, youths have to try their best to join all activities and show responsibility for their families, communities, nations and indeed the world. The youth voice is a main challenge of political atmosphere and it will support the country to reach prosperity, peace, justice, good governance, democracy, and sustainable development.

KYA was established on November 22, 1992 and was recognized by the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) on November 30, 1992. Moreover, KYA was recognized by the Ministry of Interior, Cambodia on February 21, 1994.

Cambodia Non-profit Organization

A World of Difference – A World of Difference is a U.S. based non-profit organization. The goals of A World of Difference are two-fold. One goal is to provide Cambodian women with the knowledge and skills to make better lives for themselves and their children; and the second goal is to improve the dental health of Cambodian orphans.

American Assistance for Cambodia (AAFC) – American Assistance for Cambodia/Japan Relief for Cambodia (AAfC) is an
independent nonprofit organization dedicated to improving opportunities for the youth and rural poor in Cambodia.
Founded in 1993 by American journalist Bernie Krisher, AAfC operates interlinked programs across Cambodia in the areas of education, health, rural development, and technology.

Association AME D’ASIE – L’association AME d’ASIE a pour but de venir en Aide aux Minorités Ethniques d’ASIE dans le domaine de l’éducation, des soins, de l’alimentation, de la culture et du divertissement. Elle s’attache à aider plus particulièrement les enfants des villages reculés et les orphelins chez qui l’aide humanitaire des grandes organisations n’arrive pas. Elle entend aussi favoriser le rapprochement des enfants avec leurs parents biologiques en maintenant le contact et le soutien.

Build Cambodia – Build Cambodia is a U.S. based not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping Cambodians build their lives and society while ensuring that this corner of the world is not forgotten. Our unique contribution is creating awareness, facilitating exposure, and encouraging commitment among Americans and individuals from other nations to provide the valued assistance that can make such a difference in this needy land. We advocate for Cambodian organizations in the U.S., facilitate individual projects that Americans are undertaking, and lead regular Immersion Trips where talented adults tour Cambodia and visit unique places that few foreigners ever see. We know that these and other efforts will build the steady flow of energy and talent into the country necessary to rebuild its society.

Cambodia Kids – Cambodia Kids is the first organization that allocates 100% of the money to the kids! Our directors, officers, management and staff collect no money and/or salary and all of our workers are volunteers at no cost to our organization.

Cambodian Light Children’s – The Cambodian Light Children’s Association was started by the present manager Mr. Pat Noun, an ex-Buddhist monk, in 1995, to care for the poor and street orphans of all ages by direct help. The orphanage conducts classes in Khmer and English using volunteer teachers and runs a traditional dance program.

Cambodian Organization for Learning & Training (COLT) – COLT wants to improve the conditions and opportunities of Cambodian street children and orphans. The organization do this on a small scale basis, as they do not believe in large organizations with a lot of overhead. They give the children a safe shelter, education and vocational training. Of course the children are being taken care of by giving them three daily meals, clothing and medical care.

Cambodian Orphanage International – Cambodian Orphanage International was created to be the voice of these children who urgently need our help. The organization are a non-profit organization dedicated to changing the way these children live, eat, and think. Change comes by empowering them ?physically, emotionally, and socially – with food, healthcare, education, and vocational training.

ChildSafe Cambodia – ChildSafe develops a child protection network aiming at protecting children in Cambodia and other countries in the region, from all forms of abuse, especially sexual abuse.

Friends-International – Since 1994, Friends-International has been running projects worldwide for and with street children, attempting to reintegrate these children into their society.

Friends-International works with street children in a developmental and sustainable perspective in accordance with the Convention of the Rights of the Child (UN-CRC).

KANTHA BOPHA Children’s Hospital – Since 1991, four hospitals and a maternity ward for HIV positive mothers were built and are fully operating. The Kantha Bopha Children’s Hospital has been progressively extended and modified to meet the most urgent needs.

In the four hospitals, Kantha Bopha I, Kantha Bopha II and Kantha Bopha IV in Phnom Penh and Jayavarman VII in Siem Reap Angkor, each year 75’000 children are hospitalized (the average length of hospitalisation is 5 days), 800’000 ill children receive treatment in the outpatients department, 400’000 healthy children get vaccinated, 16’000 chirurgical operations are executed, 12’000 birth in the maternity (designed to prevent mother-to-child AIDS and TB transmission) and daily 3’000 families receive health care education. All medical services are free of charge since the families in Cambodia are simply too poor to even make a small contribution towards these medical costs. Without Kantha Bopha, 3’200 additional children would die in Cambodia every month.

Krousar Thmey – First Cambodian Foundation assisting deprived children, Krousar Thmey provides deprived Cambodian children with material, educational and social support in harmony with their environment and respectful of their traditions and beliefs. Our purpose is to help children develop and blossom into responsible adults. Krousar Thmey takes great care that its aid neither creates disharmony between a child and his relatives and friends, nor creates privileged or dependent children.

Pact Cambodia – Pact is a networked global organization that builds the capacity of local leaders and organizations to meet pressing social needs in dozens of countries around the world.

Pact has been strengthening the capacity of institutions run by and for Cambodians since 1991.

Sustainable Cambodia – Sustainable Cambodia is working with the people of Cambodia, helping them create a better life for themselves and their children. The organization works at the grassroots level, effecting change community by community.

The organization help Cambodian villages become self-sustaining communities where people want to live, with healthy water, good food, health care and education for the residents, where there is environmental and social responsibility and employment that allows them to sustain and continually improve their quality of life.

They accomplish this through a unique participatory empowerment model, providing resources, assistance, training and education to the members of the community. This empowers the families to revitalize their community and economy, creating a self-sustaining quality of life. In return, the families commit to passing on the gift by helping other families and communities.

tabitha.gifTabitha Foundation (Canada) – The Tabitha Foundation is a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization, respecting all faiths, seeking to help the suffering in various nations. The aim is to reach out to the despairing in their communities and enable them to address their needs in a holistic and sustainable way, thereby transforming their lives to fruitfulness, dignity and beauty.

Tabitha’s current programs affect 1% of Cambodians; presently over 200,000 people in ten provinces of the country. Over the 11 years of its operation, Tabitha has lifted more than a quarter of a million Cambodians out of poverty and despair, into lives of dignity, hope and active participation in their communities.

Tabitha Shop in Phnom Penh sells Cottage Industry Crafts which supports women, often single mothers, and victims of landmines and AIDS.

Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) – VSA is a New Zealand-based international development organisation, working throughout Asia, Africa and the Pacific – wherever development needs are greatest and volunteers can make the most impact.

VSA are the country’s largest and most experienced volunteer-sending agency. We are a not-for-profit, non-government, non-religious organisation.

In recent years, VSA has sent volunteers to Bhutan, Cambodia, Cook Islands, Lao PDR, Niue, Papua New Guinea (including Bougainville), Samoa, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Tanzania, Timor-Leste, Tokelau, Tonga, Vanuatu, Viet Nam and Zimbabwe. Programmes are established in new countries according to needs, the wishes of host governments and communities, and issues such as the safety and security of volunteers.

VSA’s regional programmes are managed from our Wellington office. Programme staff in each region provide on-the-ground support to volunteers and partner organisations