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Apply Visa On Arrival Online

Friday, January 15th, 2010

Check and validate your Visa application before travel to Cambodia. This new service is brought to you by It helps you to find the best way to apply your Travel Visa, the safer and quicker way! Plus, you get free travel guidebooks for both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh. Apply Now!

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The Cambodia e-Visa Scam

Sunday, June 7th, 2009

The original provider of the e-Visa service was kicked out in murky circumstances, and their site [2] now rails against the evils of the new provider. However, travellers who have obtained e-Visas with the new system report no problems using them.

Posted in Wikitravel Cambodia.

[caption id="attachment_897" align="alignnone" width="420" caption="The original provider of the e-Visa service was kicked out in murky circumstances"]The original provider of the e-Visa service was kicked out in murky circumstances[/caption]

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Read this interview with Barbara and Glenn Halliday, traveling to Cambodia on their recent trip!

1. Can you share with our readers more about you, etc?

We live in Salem, Oregon, USA. My husband, Glenn, and I have been retired since 1985, and we enjoy traveling both in and outside of the United States. I am 76 years old; my husband is 80. Our other main hobby is photography and on this trip we probably took 1200 digital photos!

2. How do you find out about e-Visa?

Our son found your website and told us about it. We used the Internet a lot to make arrangements for this trip and to learn more about Cambodia and the temples of Angkor. We were very impressed with the e-Visa website, and also went to many of the links from that website. Our son has been to Cambodia twice before, visiting Siem Reap and Angkor in 1996 and 1997. He traveled to many other parts of Cambodia on his earlier trips. This time, he was our guide and we only visited Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor Wat.

3. Is this your first trip to Cambodia? What attracts you most?

Yes, this was our first visit to Asia. We stayed in Singapore for two days, but our main purpose was to come to Cambodia to see the marvelous Archeological Park at Angkor. We are very interested in Archeology, and are members of the Archaeological Institute of America. Our son was very impressed with the temples at Angkor on his earlier visits, and he wanted us to see them too.

While the Angkor temples were what attracted us, we found that many other things we had heard about Cambodia were not true. Like many other people in the USA, we only have heard of the very sad events of the 1970′s and we did not expect to find beautiful hotels, excellent food, and most of all, people who were so kind and pleasant. This was a wonderful surprise, and we will certainly tell our friends that if they are lucky enough to go to Cambodia they will have a great experience and find that the country is very “tourist-friendly.” Our son, who first visited Cambodia 12 years ago said he could not believe all the changes, for the better.

4. Please rate your computer skills

I think our computer skills are above average. My husband was one of the first people trained to be a computer programmer in the USA–in 1952. Before I retired, I worked with the early forms of PC’s. We have owned PC’s since we retired and use them for keeping financial records, genealogy research, general writing, etc. We have broadband Internet service, and also use “Skype” –an Internet phone service to stay in touch with our family who often travel to other continents. I have a website where I post stories about our travels, my family history, etc. I have learned some basic website design skills and use “Dreamweaver” to make my web pages.

5. What makes e-Visa website easy for you?

Your instructions were VERY clear and easy to follow. The instruction for uploading our photographs for the visas was the best I’ve ever seen. Everything on your website worked smoothly. We were very impressed with the high level of technology used in your website. Also, the English text was very understandable.

6. Do you have any problems making payment by Paypal?

We are familiar with Paypal–my husband has used it frequently in connection with E-Bay transactions. However, we used a credit card, not our Paypal account. I think it was just handled by Paypal, but apparently it worked just fine.

7. What changes would you like to see on the system and procedures?

I can’t think of any improvements, but I wish more websites in the USA were as good–especially those of our governmental agencies.

8. How would you compare applying a travel visa with Cambodia e-Visa system with other countries’ travel visa you has applied?

I don’t believe I’ve ever personally applied for a visa before. I think perhaps a travel agent obtained a French visa for us once–and it took more than a month! Most of the places we have visited do not require visas. However, our son travels widely and he, too, was very impressed with your e-Visa system. He said it was the easiest visa he ever got.

9. Do you think that by having e-visa, it will attract more visitors to visit Cambodia?

Yes, it should make it very easy for visitors to obtain their visa ahead of time. And it tells visitors that your country is very capable in using Internet technology.

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Faster approval!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

This week, we have just launched the brand new and improved version of Visa Approval System. Everyday, support team approves hundred of applications. Our standard, three working day of Visa processing time can now be greatly reduced.

Thanks to the new system, we wish our support team can give you the best experience before entering Cambodia.

Apply your Visa now

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Important site?

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Today, the search result in Google shows us differently – it is something that we are happy about it for sure.

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Mike Morley is a Web Developer working for a software company in London, married to Rachel and lucky enough to be Welsh (and to be married to Rachel!). He spend whatever holiday time he has, on holiday.

Tell us about yourself? What do you do fulltime? What kind of projects you have been doing? When?

I am a Web Developer, I previously worked for a Design Agency called Red Snapper on both front and backend code. I now work for Ipreo as Frontend Web Software Developer, looking after HTML/CSS/JavaScript for a Java application used by investment banks in the City of London. Recent projects include a drag and drop report module and the re-factoring of application front end code in line with web standards and improving cross browser compatibility.

Is this your first time visiting Cambodia? Share with us what is most inspiring during your trip?

I am yet to go, but looking forward to going very much.

You are often accused of being over critical of websites. What makes a good website?

The first, and if nothing else, the only thing a website should do is allow you to achieve your aims when arriving on a website. I believe e-Visa goes beyond with good design. Normal users should be able to move through the process without having to think too much in order to acccomplish their task. From my profession I often think about design and process, but this is often when things go wrong and a user is left confused on what to do. Good design is more subtle, often you do not realise something is well made purely because the amount of effort reqired to complete a task is minimal and you can move through a process as if on auto-pilot. I believe that it is the ease of use achieved on e-Visa that makes it a good example of design. Information and the interfaces are provided through a clear and uncluttered visual design allowing no unneccesary distractions for the users. Information is laid out in a logical easy to navigate manner with the appropriate visual hierarchies, iconography and white-space so important information is easily found and supporting information is visible by not intrusive. Along with the strong visual cues guiding you through the process the feedback on user actions was excellent, you knew exactly when you had completed a section and where I needed to go next. Finally there was attention to detail, options to duplicate flight data for all passengers in a single click, simplified image upload and verification and well thought through visual guidance made for a positive user experience. I get the impression that your client has been flexible in allowing process change in their visa applications and you have managed to implement this process efficiently online.

In what ways has the e-Visa website been appealing to you?

It has successfully achieved exactly what I wanted with much less effort, which the internet often has the power to do. That is to simplify a particular task by allowing easy access to information, an interface to information provision and a method of delivery. All of which took a few minutes rather than several hours that other paper based processes may take.

The eVisa website is catering to travelers from more than 150 countries. We believe we are not doing enough on the localization. Do you have suggestions?

The only thing I can say is that I found the application process excellent and I never noticed that website was used across multiple languages on first look – so either you do not have a problem with localisation or your simplification of processes have been so successful the need for localisation is reduced. I believe simplicity is the greatest success of the e-Visa site, just keep it simple and doing the job it is meant for.

Listen to the ranting of a Welsh Web Developer?

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Register your Travel Agency Now!

Monday, November 12th, 2007

If you are a travel agency or helping your clients to apply for Cambodia Visa, please register yourself now.

Click here to proceed to the registration.

Learn more on how to apply group visa through eRunner

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Apply Visa in Czech Language

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Thanks to Dave Jaros for his amazing and impressive effort to translate the official Cambodia e-Visa website to Czech version (Čeština). What amaze us is, it took him just a day to complete this mission.

I hope this may have helped you in your aim to make your country even more accessible to those who are not that strong in official english and this may save Czechs and other people lots of hassle when applying for visa on the remote consulates (abroad only) or on arrival.

This country has a population of 10,5 million, located in central Europe surrounded by Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia (1918-1992 we have had a common state Czechoslovakia, which has been well known worlwide). The country is a member of EU and NATO. Lots of people do think we have been a part of Yugoslavia or Sowiet Union which is false. The majority of the population (90%) are Czechs, which is a Slavic nation – so we are somehow related to the most nations in the Eastern Europe since the 5th century AD, but are mostly influenced by the western nations for some 1500 years back, compared to i.e. Poland or Russia.

[Learn more about Czech Republic]

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The Story of Kampong Krabey

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

One of our e-Visa friends, Mr. Guy Demaison who is also the president of the AME D’Asie Association, a charity association lately travelled to a small village in Cambodia for charity service. They went to a village called The Kampong Krabey. It is an isolated village that can be reached within 4 hours by normal land transport from Phnom Penh, 2 hours by boat from Mekong, plus 1 hour walk. They don’t even have electricity or water in this village, and their cultivated land is flooded every year. This village has never received any help before. There are total of 260 children in Kampong Krabey and 56 of them are orphans. These children eat only once a day and they seek their nutritions mainly from water and various insects in the village. Everyday, they have to travel 2 hours by walking with their naked feet in order to get to the school. The school principal is only paid a meager 30Euros every two months. AME D’Asie Association feels the importance of their mission in this village. They decided distribute daily necessities to them such as clothes, rice, noodle, soy sauce, fish sauce, caster sauce, a pair of tongs, books, pens, as well as coloring pencils.

Mr. Guy Demaison – during distribution

Daily necessities ready for distribute

During distribution

The Kampong Krabey kids

Kampong Krabey school

Volunteer team

More from AME D’Asie Association

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e-Visa Postcard

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

In conjunction of Angkor International Tourism Exchange (AITEX 2007), e-Visa team decided to publish postcard in order to be given to visitors as a souvenir. At first, we intended to display different landmarks in Cambodia as cover for the postcard but to make it more interesting; we decided to publish photos taken by our e-Visa friends during their visit to Cambodia. Every picture tells a story, those who are interested to find out more, they can visit the link that is printed at the back of the postcard. We appreciate the effort from our e-Visa friends by providing high resolution photo to us in order to make this happen.

e-Visa postcard

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Cambodia e-Visa Customer Support

Wednesday, October 10th, 2007

During the AITEX 2007 media briefing, we have came across two e-Visa applicants who are having difficulties in their online application. After the briefing was over, we invited them to dropped by at our booth for a discussion. We were able to identify the cause of the application failure and provided them with a solution. Both of them were satisfied with our support and thanked us before left.

We appreciate your support to e-Visa all these while and we promised to served you better in the coming future.

e-Visa Customer Support
Maj. D.N. Dass with e-Visa officer

e-Visa Customer Support
e-Visa officers and Mansoure at e-Visa booth

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Tour on duty

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

Working on the new upgrade of e-Visa lanes can be fun all the time especially when you are working near the ancient Angkor visited by millions of tourist every year. We are glad that Cambodia e-Visa has been helping to promote Cambodia tourism in the last one year. More than 25,000 travelers applied their Visa online from their country before-hand and it is becoming one of the prefered way of getting Visa by most travelers.

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eRunner is designed to help travel agents in applying e-Visa for their tour groups. We are glad to take over the hassle of travel agents and hope to make Visa application to Cambodia easier and faster.


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More counters with e-Visa support

Friday, September 7th, 2007

Last week, nearly all immigration counters in both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh International Airports have been upgraded to support the fast-growing travelers with e-Visa. With total of 14 e-Visa lanes in both airports, travelers can now pass through immigration checkpoints more swiftly.

Siem Reap International Airport


Nearly all counters in Sieam Reap International Airport can process e-Visa now.

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Cambodia e-Visa in Google Earth

Monday, August 27th, 2007

Cambodia e-Visa information is now available in the popular virtual globe which is more known as Google Earth. The information is placed at Siem Reap, near to Angkor Wat on the map. For more details, please look for “Cambodia eVisa” at coordinate lat=13.4332742741, lon=103.833291995 in Google Earth.


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More e-Visa lanes!

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

Due to the increased numbers of e-Visa applicants, we are in the process of adding new e-Visa lanes in both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh International Airport. Each airport will have a total of 5 additional e-Visa lanes. Meanwhile, we are also training up more immigration officers to cope up with the increasing traffic.

To date, we have processed more than 25,000 visa applicants. We are very glad to receive many positive feedbacks as we are slowly positioning Cambodia e-Visa as one of the preferred visa application method for Cambodia travelers worldwide.

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We’ve received a few complaints recently from e-Visa tourists who entered Cambodia via Bavet entry port. Their bus left without waiting for the them. If you plan to take a bus to enter Cambodia via Bavet entry port with your e-Visa, please make sure you inform the bus driver or the tour agent that you [...]

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Travelfish shows you the popular spots, points you in the direction of Cambodia’s best-kept secrets and equips you with the knowledge you need to make up-to-the-minute decisions throughout your trip to Cambodia.

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Launch of New e-Visa System

Sunday, May 6th, 2007

We are happy to announce the launch of new e-Visa system today. While, it may take us the next one week to perform more tuning to the new system and introduce the 26 languages in stages (~1 week time, thanks for 150 voluntary translators we have, all of them are kindest e-Visa users who would [...]

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We are sorry to inform you that e-Visa will be closed on 05 May 2007, starting from 9am for a day. This is to push our latest e-Visa system online. The new e-Visa system comes with 26 languages and promise a more friendly interface. e-Visa Team

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