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We hope to hear from you if you have any feedback and comment on the Cambodia e-Visa experience.

  • What do you think about the online application and customer service?
  • Were you satisfied with the service during the e-Visa immigration clearance process?
  • Would you recommend e-Visa to your family and friends?
  • Would you recommend Cambodia as a travel destination to your family and friends?
  • Do you have any suggestion to help us improve?

1,983 Responses to “e-Visa Users Feedback”

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  1. 1951

    I have applied for an e-visa on NOV 18,2008(no:108110073616), but the status always shows “pending”. I need the e-visa a.s.a.p. Pls contact me. TKS!


  2. 1952

    Hi HuaJun, pls apply for a refund from the e-Visa website You can apply Visa on arrival at both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh airport. Price is USD20. The e-Visa project was in a court case and it is a mess to apply from them now. Check out this


  3. 1953

    I have tried to apply e-visa for two days, but the homepage shows very slow and sometimes shows EEROR response. When can it return normal?


  4. 1954

    Yvette, pls do not apply Cambodia e-Visa. You can apply Visa on arrival. An injunction was granted by Malaysia High Court to stop the use of content in current e-Visa website.


  5. 1955

    I tried at least 7 times but faild. The departure time is on 19th of this month. Who could contact me to solve the problem???!!! Reference Number: 108110075725

    Vera TONG

  6. 1956

    Vera, looks like the current e-Visa website doesn’t care about their customers now. An injunction was granted by Malaysia Highcourt to stop the current e-Visa content. Pls do not apply Visa online now. You can apply your Cambodia Visa on arrival, which is USD20 at both international airport. Pls bring alone two passport size pictures with you. The form is available on the arrival airport. It is fast, safe and reliable.


  7. 1957

    I have an e-visa for travel to Cambodia in early January. I have printed my e-visa and have it stapled to my passport. Due to the Malaysia High court decision, is my e-visa still valid?? Please advise.


  8. 1958

    Your Visa is valid, you can use it. Just if you run into any problem, you can always apply from the On Arrival counter which is available at all entry ports including two international airports. You can see the counter after you arrive at Cambodia airports. The cost is USD20 and bring together two passport size pictures with you.


  9. 1959

    I have applied for an e-visa for my husband and I today. I have just seen this website now. My payment has been accepted but will I receive my e-visa? Sould I ask for a refund on my credit card? Please help!

    Chantal Souligny-Prud'homme

  10. 1960

    For a even quicker one, you can request for a chargeback with your credit card company, to cancel the transaction. You can apply Visa On Arrival at the airports instead.


  11. 1961

    Exucuse me , i found my passport number does not match with the one on the eVisa because i had iuput the wrong number, how can I change it? please help me! thanks!


  12. 1962

    Hello, i’m going to apply tomorrow for e-Visa. I’m italian, and i’ll arrive in Cambodia (Siem Reap) by flight (Bangkok Airways).
    Why not apply online?
    Thank you


  13. 1963

    Marco, an injunction was given by Court of Malaysia to stop the current e-Visa website ( We are worried if you will run into problem with it. Please use Visa On Arrival which is cheaper and faster. You can get the Visa On Arrival at the airport after landing. Just bring two passport size picture with you.


  14. 1964

    I can not pay and check application status without the Reference number. I lost it. Please sent it to my e-mail box again. Thank you.

    Yong Shi

  15. 1965

    Hi, I just applied E VISA online last night.

    I was able to go money payments and it success, but after I tried to confirm online how my visa goes, I cannnot even confirm with my email and reference number.

    Referrence :109010105045
    approval code:234250

    Please let me know if i have done something wrong.


  16. 1966

    The e-Visa website is not operated by the Government. It is operated by a bunch of cheats and thieves who are been sued. Please be aware!


  17. 1967

    In the applicaton form doesn’t work the chouise list with the dates of passport velidity and date of arrival. Can you correct the miswork of youe website or there is another way to make a visa-application via internet?

    natalia chery

  18. 1968

    The current website of e-Visa has a lot of technical problem. Travelers are not advised to apply their Visa online at this moment. An injunction was given by Court of Malaysia to stop the website. Meanwhile, you can apply your Visa on arrival, which is USD20. All you need it to arrive at the border entry point with two passport size pictures.


  19. 1969

    I just left Cambodia and used the on-arrival Visa. Very fast and cheaper to apply when you arrive. Many counters to process the Visa. Also i could use on-arrival Visa at all the entry/exit points.
    I recommend everyone to use on-arrival Visa! Just bring your passport size photo.


  20. 1970

    I applied for my e-visa in the morning and had recieved it by the afternoon. I had no problems with the website or with my details being incorrect.


  21. 1971

    You are lucky guy GB. My other friend was charged and never able to receive their e-visa.


  22. 1972

    the site>>

    it keep crashing for a week or two already! what the matter with it?!
    come on, it is government’s site, somebody should fix it soon.

    it seem like i have to get the visa at the airport then.

    with the constantly crashing system like this, i just worry even if i can register for a visa, they might never get my data!

    going there soon

  23. 1973

    Going There,

    Cambodia never had enough resources to do a project like e-Visa which was why it had to seek generous help from young Malaysians programmers and investor. The team worked on it for 3 years, and when it started to make money the cowboy Cambodian MOFA minister Mr Hong Panharith along with his greedy conspirator Adrian and TY Thong hijack the system.

    They think it can make easy money for them but they dont realise that e-Visa is like a baby that need lots of attention and nurturing.

    The system is now in its deplorable state with no proper supervision and audit. Data and passport information are not secured. Payment to paypal and other payment gateway are haphazard with no proper audit because it is a conspiracy to steal government money.
    Payment for e-Visa goes into TY Thong personal account and Goverment is paid only a small portion of it.
    It is only a matter of time before the government take actions and suspend this service as it is already under court suit.
    SO beware.
    Use on-arrival instead.

    cowboy country

  24. 1974

    [...] who also build schools in Cambodia. The original project received overwhelming feedback from customers, friends and even other web developers. The original e-Visa website. The original service provider [...]

    The Evils of New e-Visa Provider - Cambodia e-Visa Blog

  25. 1975

    im trying allready several times today, to apply for e-visa,without any there another website for visa application?

    robert laugs

  26. 1976

    Pls apply Visa on arrival at both Siem Reap or Phnom Penh Internation Airport. Thank you.


  27. 1977

    Going in a Cruise on Novermber 19th, 2009, 8:00 am me and my wife will arrived to Shinaoukville leaving at 02:00 pm.Will we required visa? If yes, can we use E-visa?
    Waiting for your answer. Best regards,
    Hector & Castalia Goodfellow

    Hector Goodfellow

  28. 1978

    Hector, port Shinaoukville do not accept e-Visa. You can apply on-arrival Visa when you arrive.


  29. 1979

    the link>>
    does not work. Been trying this for several days now.

    One forum member suggested using IP address instead >>

    This works …. BUT the IP is in Singapore. How safe is the CC details? Spoof site?

    Any ideas?


  30. 1980

    Notice to all parents—-CHILDREN under 12 do not pay for a visa, even if they are on their own passports, they are free at visa on arrival.
    they still need a visa, but it is free. Don’t let the border guards or airport staff rip you off, stay in line and wait for your turn.
    If they try to pull you out of line, politely refuse their “help” they only want to scam you out of the 20 USD for your kids visa, look at the visa stamp closly. it will say under remakrs “minor under 12 years” and their will be no charge under Fee:

    isabella miller

  31. 1981

    Leong Yeng Kit is a loyar buruk… a thief and conspirator to steal with Adrian Phang.. no conscience…

    TY Thong

  32. 1982

    Adrain Puki

  33. 1983

    we are travelling on Australian passports and arriving in Cambodia by speedboat from Chau Doc in Vietnam. It says on the evisa page that it is not valid for entry at Kaoam Samnor. How do I apply for a visa? Can I get it when I arrive at Kaoam Samnor?


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