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Cambodia is located in the heart mainland of Southeast Asia, which conjures images of a glorious and mysterious past and rich of the cultural heritages, particularly the world’s renowned ancient temple city whose magical image draws ever-increasingly tourists from all over the world.

The divergent facets of the Kingdom provoke both the serious and casual traveler, generally charmed and sometimes bewildered by its mysteries. Not only Angkor Wat, Bayon, Taprohm, Sandstone of ancient holy places, the giant roots of ancient trees, the graceful shapes of Apsaras and some temples buried in the jungle, hill tribes settled in the remote areas, colorful pagodas, strings of pristine islands and the century beach, as part of cultural tour that Cambodia is proud of her presentation, but also the splendor of the Khmer civilization and its people who have shown their friendliness everywhere you move in the country.

Tourism of Cambodia


The Tourism of Cambodia ( was established under the promulgation of the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia’s Law. The Tourism of Cambodia’s main objectives are To promote the Cambodian tourism industry, To develop resources on Cambodian tourism and To conduct training programs for human resources in tourism.

Getaways for Girls


We specialise in individual & escorted tours for girls on the go. We pick interesting destinations that women will love and take into account that they like to be pampered and have time for some shopping. At Getaways for Girls we ensure that all our trips are memorable, we listen to women to make sure they have all the elements to make a fantastic holiday.

The Indian Wanderers


The Wanderers was formed with a view to promoting unconventional and offbeat holidays for the discerning traveller. Our tours are for those who would like to explore the land and its people, who wish to uncover the superficial layers that can never reflect the truth of a great culture and to finally discover the real gem that shines within.

Tales of Asia


I used to make claims as to what this website is meant to be. I no longer bother. It is what it is and you may interpret it anyway you see fit. Travelblabber, travelguide, arrogant western neo-colonialist drivel, as you like. I’ve kept this going for over five years and still it evolves. With luck you’ll find something useful or entertaining (in any way you see fit) while you here, without luck you’ll move on to another site and leave me alone.

Travel Cambodia


Book your hotel here and tour Cambodia in small group. Whether you are a budget or a business traveler, we have a hotel and a tour package that fit you … an economy-class hotel or a luxury hotel. If you want to tour Angkor in small group, we have a tour package customized to accommodate to your plan and budget.



You’ll find comprehensive travelogues from my many trips to Cambodia, alongwith an abundance of photos, numerous Cambodia-related articles, interviews, book reviews, a bibliography, and much more. I host the largest unofficial website on reggae legends Steel Pulse alongside more travel, a lot more music and some personal bits & pieces.

Insight Guides
In the latef 1960s a young German graphic designer, Hans Hoefer, trekked from Europe to Asia. He was especially intrigued by Bali, where he earned a living by selling his paintings of the Indonesian island to tourists. But he was frustrated by the lack of easily available information on Bali’s colourful culture and people.

Pongu’s Travel Guides
Pong├╝’s Travel Guides originally started out as official FAQs to and Since then, the list of covered countries and cities has grown with every journey and we hope that you enjoy reading our guides as much as we do writing them. Pongu is now in its eleventh year on the web. Thank you, dear reader, for having made this possible.

Travellerspoint Travel Community
We first discussed the idea for Travellerspoint in a MSN Messenger session in the middle of 2002, while Samuel was living in the Netherlands and Peter was living in Australia. What started as a mere discussion turned into serious planning: just three months later we launched Travellerspoint.